Simple Girl Updates

See more information about possible package variation, product availability, and slower shipping speeds below.

Packaging May Vary:

Due to the pandemic, packaging is expensive and difficult to source, and as a result, the cap on your bottle may vary. You may get a cap with an inside seal and a pour spout (Simple Girl’s “regular” cap) or you may get a cap with a tamper evident sealed cap, no inside seal and no pour spout. We are sorry for any inconvenience but rest assured that we will return to our standard packaging as soon as the market allows. Additionally, as we strive to provide quality, healthy condiments for our valued customers, although packaging costs have risen, we hope that this is temporary and we do not intend to raise our prices.

Product Availability:

We're so sorry we're out of stock on so many items. The virus is disrupting supply chains, production, & delivery times. Please be patient with us as we get our products back in stock as quickly as possible. Here is a list of what is currently in stock and what is out of stock. You can also tell by looking at the product itself, but this will save you scrolling time. :) We will do our best to update this as soon as we have new information.

In Stock:

Sweet Vinaigrette Sugar-Free Dressing Bottles

Sweet Mustard Sugar-Free Dressing Bottles

Citrus Ginger Sugar-Free Dressing Bottles

Balsamic Vinaigrette Low-Sugar Dressing Bottles

Carolina Kick Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce Bottles

Country Sweet Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce Bottles

Southern Blend Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce Bottles

Hot Sauce Sugar-Free Bottles

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Low-Sugar BBQ Sauce Bottles

Carolina Kick BBQ Sugar-Free Sauce Packets

All Seasonings/Spices

All Hand Sanitizer

Out of Stock

Balsamic Vinaigrette Low-Sugar Dressing Packets

Sweet Vinaigrette Sugar-Free Dressing Packets

Sweet Mustard Sugar-Free Dressing Packets

Citrus Ginger Sugar-Free Dressing Packets

Simple Girl Sample Packs 


Slower than Normal Shipping Speeds:

We're so sorry deliveries are taking longer. Please know that all orders are sent out at our normal order fulfillment promised time. It's just that the USPS and UPS are facing delays.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this trying time for all businesses. We appreciate your support.

-The Simple Girl Team