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Simple Girl was created because we wanted a truly clean, healthy natural line of products that not only tasted great but also had easy to read real ingredients and amazing nutritionals! Simple Girl achieved all of this and then some along with a great brand name and logo. Our line of salad dressings are available in three different flavors including our Sweet Mustard, Vinaigrette and Citrus Ginger and all contain zero sugar, zero, calories, zero fat and zero carbs. Our dressings taste amazing and are very versatile. You can use them on salad dressings, pastas, to marinade vegetables, meat, seafood or meat substitutes like tofu.

Our bottles all have a beautiful design that makes them really stand out from all the other products. This allows you to have a more fun experience when purchasing a Simple Girl product. Our dressing and marinades come in a beautiful gift box set that makes a wonderful gift. Simple Girls line of BBQ sauce is truly our most popular item with an absolutely amazing taste that anyone will love! Our Carolina Style BBQ sauce is fantastic on many of your favorite traditional BBQ grill favorite meats but also taste amazing paired with veggie burgers or try using this in place of ketchup as a wonderful dipping sauce for sweet potato fries. Our BBQ sauce has very low amounts of calories or sugar and we sweeten our products using all natural organic stevia. Our new Sweet n’ Spicy BBQ sauce gives you an amazing taste that stays true to the name and if you are looking for Hot Sauce Simple Girl has you covered with our delicious Hot Sauce with just a hint of sweetness. All of our products are not just good for you but they work with any diet or lifestyle.

Our products are gluten -free and vegan as well! We know how difficult it can be to lose weight and so many condiments on the shelf can really fool the consumer and contain hidden ingredients or nutritionals that can fool the consumer into thinking they are truly enjoying a healthy product that is good for them when in reality they may contain hidden sugars, chemicals or other ingredients that may stop you from reaching your goals. Simple Girl is perfect for any diet and we only contain real healthy ingredients. If you’re not dieting but simply trying to switch to a cleaner or healthier lifestyle then Simple Girl is for you!

Our ingredients are very easy to read clean and good for you. We do not contain any chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives. If you’re looking for something you can have while working out to maintain your body weight or to use while building muscle Simple Girl is a fantastic choice because our nutritionals are so low and clean that it will not interfere with your training regimen. Simple Girl allows you to finally live guilt free and indulge without feeling guilty.

It was also extremely important for Simple Girl to have a line of products that would taste better than anything else available on the market today. We also wanted to have a line of products that were affordable and easy to find. You can purchase our products on our website but we are also available on Amazon and are starting to get into stores across the country. Our prices are very affordable and we even sell cute purse sized packets of our dressings and sauces so that you can keep packets of your healthy condiments on hand for those family gatherings or restaurant nights when you still want to stay on track and have a healthier better choice to add to your salad, veggies or meat dish.

Another really amazing thing about Simple Girl is that we give back with every purchase made. A portion of all of our profits goes to a cause in need. We regularly work with different organizations especially wildlife causes. Simple Girl recently worked with Crown Valley Tiger rescue and donated many items including meat to feed the big cats, office supplies, cleaning supplies and more! There are so many causes out there that need help and we are so happy to be able to be able to give something back. You can learn more about our work on our Causes page on our website. We encourage you to take a look around and, if you feel so inclined, purchase some of our amazing salad dressings, marinades, BBQ and Hot Sauce so you too can fall in love with Simple Girl!

You can reach one of our customer service girls at #844-834-8144 or email us at info@simplegirl.com. We are always thrilled to answer any questions you may have about our line or questions you may have about shipping or anything. Just give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you!