9 Tips to De-stress Your Life

9 Tips to De-stress Your Life

Posted by Simple Girl on 8th Dec 2020

Do you feel constantly tired or on edge? Maybe you have a hard time concentrating or dealing with problems. Your troubles could be stress-related and these nine tips for removing stress from your life are here to help you.

1. Take the Time to Laugh

Laughter can make you feel better all over. Watch a funny movie. Listen to a comedy album. Laugh with someone you care about. When you share experiences, it enhances them and makes them more effective.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a proven stress-buster. Go outside and start walking when you feel like you cannot take it any longer. Maybe you should think about joining a fitness club. You might make new friends and your life could take an upward turn.

3. Eat Better

Improve your diet. Concentrate on fruits, vegetable, lean meats, and good fats. Stay away from junk foods for some time. By limiting sugar and caffeine, you eliminate some of the "highs" and "lows" which accompany stress and anxiety.

4. Go to Bed Earlier

Maybe you are not getting enough sleep. Give yourself more time for rest. You may see things quite differently after a good night's sleep.

5. Self-examine

Take a closer look at yourself and you may identify the main cause of your stress. Once you know what the cause is, you are in better shape to deal with it. When you self-examine, be honest and straightforward with yourself. Look into a mirror and take inventory of your feelings, desires, and things you want to accomplish.

6. Furry Friends

Get a pet. Dogs or cats can comfort you when you feel low. Petting a cat or dog is soothing and takes your mind off your worries.

7. Get Away

How about a change of scenery? Get in the car and start driving. You do not need to have a definite destination in mind. It is best to begin your getaway early in the morning, and then decide how long you want it to last.

8. Do Something Silly

Do things you would not normally do. Play with children. Go to a playground and have fun. Do not concern yourself with what others say or think. Silliness helps to break the usual routine.

9. Hit Something

A few minutes with a punching bag can be effective emotional therapy. You can pretend the bag is someone you do not like. See the bag as your biggest frustration in life as you destroy it. Let the anger flow through your hands or feet and transfer it to the heavy bag.

Points to Ponder

If you want to beat stress, have a good laugh with someone you love. Exercise regularly and improve your diet. Closely examine your feelings and your life. Set an earlier bedtime. Buy or borrow a cat or dog. Take an unplanned getaway or do something completely out of character. Take your frustrations out on a punching bag. These tips can help you refocus your attention on what is important to you, and the stress may start to fade into the background.