7 Things You Can Try to Feel Good in Your Body Right Now

7 Things You Can Try to Feel Good in Your Body Right Now

Posted by Simple Girl on 11th Oct 2021

Starting your weight-loss journey by already feeling good in your own skin will make the process of healthy dieting and exercise more enjoyable, and likely more successful. Here are a few suggestions for how to feel good in your body right now.

1. Go for a Walk
So much of life is spent sitting at a desk or on the couch. Mobility is important for the body, and one of the best ways to achieve this is with a walk around the block. Fresh air, Vitamin D, and moving your joints will make a bigger difference than you think.

2. Stretch and Release
Being sedentary can lead to stiffness, achiness, and discomfort. Stretching and releasing your muscles will help you feel more at home in your body. Always remember to do a gentle warmup before stretching, or even a short workout, to prevent injury.

3. Drink Water
Dehydration can be highly detrimental, so drinking plenty of water is important for feeling good in your body. Typically, you should aim for about 10-16 cups of water per day, depending on your size.

4. Eat Well
The kind of food you eat has a direct correlation with how you feel in your body. It takes experimentation to know what kinds of food work best for you, but sticking to healthy, unprocessed, and whole foods is a good place to start. If you continually feel unwell from certain foods, talk to your doctor about alternatives to make sure you are eating the right food for your body.

5. Good Sleep
Sleep is essential for regulating health and for feeling good in your body. Gently introduce an earlier bedtime routine and notice the positive effect it has on your body as a whole.

6. Good People
Spending time with the right kind of people will affect how you feel in your body. Making the time for people who make you happy will likely decrease your stress and release endorphins, contributing to an overall better feeling in your body.

7. Take a Break
If stress is starting to take its toll, see if it might be possible to take a break from your regular routine - even a short one. If work is stressful and you have unused vacation days, consider taking them before you are desperate for a break. If you can't take a break from work, see if you can cut yourself some slack with other stressors in your life. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a night in for yourself.

Try some of these techniques to see if they work for you, and take a deep breath knowing that everyone is on their own body journey. The discomfort you may be feeling in your body now could be a simpler fix than you think. And of course, consult your doctor if you have any major health concerns.