8 Simple Ways to Stay Resilient, Hopeful, and Happy During the Toughest Times

8 Simple Ways to Stay Resilient, Hopeful, and Happy During the Toughest Times

Posted by Simple Girl on 17th Mar 2021

The stress of the world can take its toll on anyone and, at times, it can be hard to stay afloat. Below are 8 ways to maintain resilience, hope, and happiness in the toughest times.

1. Be Kind to Yourself

Often times, people blame themselves for not feeling happy. Know that everyone feels down sometimes and that you are not alone. Every day, give yourself love, attention, kindness, and forgiveness. Your version of 100 percent will be different day to day.

2. Learn an Instrument

One of the most healing forces in this world is music. Taking up a new instrument is one of the best things you can do to lift your spirits in tough times. You will be learning a new skill, creating art, and doing something just for you.

3. Start Reading

Try replacing some of the time you spend scrolling through news and social media with flipping pages of a good book. Choose literature that interests you and discover how stories on the page can pull you out of yourself and lift your mood.

4. Stay Connected

Making the effort to spend time with others is essential for staying grounded and resilient. It is important, however, to spend time with the right people. After spending time with someone, notice whether you feel energized or exhausted. If you feel exhausted, that person is likely not a nourishing force in your life. Make time for people who lift you up.

5. Look After Your Body

Probably the best thing you can do for yourself when stress starts to take its toll is to be attentive to your body. Getting good sleep, exercising regularly, eating wholesome food, and drinking enough water are some of the best ways to reset your body.

6. Take a Break

It can be easy to feel you are not doing enough and that you need to double down and push harder to achieve your goals. If you feel you are not accomplishing enough and can't find motivation, it is likely that you actually need to take a break. Regular rest is essential for resetting your body and motivation.

7. Your Favorite Things

Don't overlook the importance of doing things purely for fun. Every day, make sure you do at least one thing you love to do, whether that's going for a walk, baking, or enjoying a five-minute dance party. Not everything has to be practical.

8. Journal

It can often feel like there is too much to do and there are too many worries. In these times, if you feel you can't keep track of it all, commit your thoughts to paper to sort them out. You likely have fewer problems than you think and organizing your thoughts will give you peace and clarity.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, these ideas may help to reset your spirits. And above all else, be kind to yourself.