8 Tips For Stronger Nails

8 Tips For Stronger Nails

Posted by Simple Girl on 6th May 2019

Beautifully manicured nails are an important part of a great overall appearance. They can be an asset whether you deal with the social world or the business world. What exactly makes for good, strong nails is unclear to many, however. It would explain why people believe in all the different myths that they hear about nail health. Here are tips to help you make sure that you don't fall prey to those myths.

1. Don't touch those cuticles.

Whether you go to a nail salon or do your nails yourself, it's important to make sure that you don't manipulate your cuticles in any way. When you cut off your cuticles, you remove an important barrier to the entry of fungus or bacteria. You may end up with a serious infection of the nail bed. Pushing cuticles can be risk-prone activity, too.

2. Stay away from nail hardeners.

Nail hardeners are usually not safe to use. They haven't been put through rigorous clinical tests the way other cosmetic products have, and their claims have no basis in scientific tests. Nail hardeners actually end up making nails hard and brittle, rather than tough and flexible. Unless your nails are unusually soft, it is best to avoid these products.

3. Make sure your nail beds and cuticles are moisturized and healthy.

There isn't enough medical data to show that nail bed moisturizer can help nails grow. However, it can keep your cuticles and nail beds better looking and resistant to damage. Brittle nails are usually dry nails. They need moisture, the kind you can supply by moistening the cuticles with oil every now and then.

4. Take biotin nutritional supplements.

Many studies have found that when you supplement your body's supply of the vitamin B form called biotin, you help build thicker and stronger nails that are resistant to breakage.

It's important to understand what doesn't work, as well as what does work. It's never a good idea to soak your nails in products of any kind. Soaked nails become waterlogged and weak.

5. Don't get too many manicures.

Manicures and pedicures are supposed to help you achieve better nail health but some studies have revealed that exposure to the harsh chemicals of these processes can actually end up weakening nails. Women who regularly get manicures may contract nail infections. If you like to pamper yourself with manicures and pedicures, experts recommend that you buy a set of your own tools to take to the salon. This way, you can avoid at least some of the nail health issues associated with such services.

6. Don't use acetone.

Nail polish remover that contains acetone has been repeatedly found in studies to turn nails brittle. Acetone simply strips nails of their strength.

7. Avoid washing your hands too much.

Whether you like to wash your hands with hand soap or do chores around the house with harsh cleaning chemicals, you should remember that these actions have an effect on your nails. They can dry your nails out, making them brittle. Whenever you need to do these things, you can make up for their effect by moisturizing your hands well.

8. Don't get nail extensions.

Nail extensions frequently cause infections. Sometimes, the damage can't be reversed. If you must have extensions, you should get nail tips instead of full extensions. Since they cover less area, they're less likely to cause infection.

Your nails need to be treated with gentle care. The stronger you want your nails, the easier you need to be on them.