Looking for Gluten-Free Spices? Search No More!

Looking for Gluten-Free Spices? Search No More!

Posted by Simple Girl on 6th Nov 2018

You would think that you wouldn't have to worry about gluten in your herbs, spices, and seasonings, but if you suffer from celiac disease, the reality is that have to worry about gluten in nearly everything, just to be safe.

Although herbs, spices, and seasonings don't typically naturally contain gluten, some of the additives may. These include fillers like wheat flour or wheat starch. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency in 2013 sampled 268 ground spices from the U.S. and Canada and tested them for gluten. Twenty-four percent of the samples tested positive for gluten in amounts ranging from five parts per million to a whopping 20,000 parts per million. For someone who's sensitive to gluten, this can spell serious trouble.

So what's a body to do? Well, you can find a number of sources for gluten-free spices, although it can be tough to find them in the spice aisle at the grocery store. You can grow you own herbs and dry them yourself, or you can get them from a trusted online source like Simple Girl. We've got a variety of seasonings and condiments that are guaranteed to be 100% gluten-free. Here are just a few of our fvorite offerings.

Sugar-Free All-Purpose Safe Seasoning

This sassy combination of paprika, turmeric, garlic powder, and other spices is a great compliment to beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. It's sugar- and oil-free as well as gluten-free, and the high quality ingredients are all natural. There are no fillers or MSG in any of our spices.

Sugar-Free Lemon Herb Seasoning

We love this one on chicken and fish. Tangy, zesty lemon, garlic, and spices enhance the delicate flavor of your dishes without overpowering them. It's really good on veggies, too. Slice some zucchini and yellow squash the long way, toss in olive oil, season with the lemon herb concoction, and grill them until they're slightly soft. You'll want to fire up the grill at every meal.

Sugar-Free Southwest Seasoning

For authentic-tasting tacos, sprinkle some of this seasoning on your ground beef or tofu crumbles and cook as usual. It's also spectacular on a mess of roasted potatoes, sprinkled in a black bean and corn salsa, or The smoky, spicy–but not hot–kick is just the thing to shake things up at the dinner table.

Sugar-Free Sweet & Hot Louisiana Seasoning

You haven't lived until you've sprinkled this delicious sweet and hot seasoning in a casserole, soup, or stew. The spicy, down-home flavor perks up your tastebuds and adds a sweet, tangy note to your dishes. It's also great to use as a rub for chicken or pork.

If you can't decide which you want to try first, you can save a few bucks and try an assortment with our Simple Girl Sugar-Free Gourmet Spice Gift Sets. Try the Simple Girl Gourmet Spice Gift Set with Southwest or the Simple Girl Gourmet Spice Gift Set with Sea Salt. Give it to yourself in appreciation for all you do in the name of good health.