No-Chemical Home Remedies for a Pest-Free Home

No-Chemical Home Remedies for a Pest-Free Home

Posted by Simple Girl on 10th Jul 2023

Pesticides have spread to over 90 percent of the United States' rivers and streams and both wildlife and people are suffering the consequences. So next time, try out one of these no-chemical home remedies for a pest-free home instead of reaching for that store-bought bug spray.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Why have those pesky ants chosen your home? It might be because of some embarrassing cleaning habits. Mop, sweep, and vacuum every dirty room and wipe down tables and counters to not give the pests a place to multiply. It's your home, not theirs! If you have any leaks, make sure to get these fixed. Damp and musty corners are just asking for gross intruders. Also, never keep food out unless you want to share with some cockroaches or mice. Keeping your home fresh will keep away most of the pests.

Full Seal

This is step two! When you first make the wonderful discovery that your home has a pest problem, rummage around and find the biggest magnifying glass you got (just kidding). But you should get some silicone caulk. Next, search for any cracks and holes in your walls, floors, and ceilings. One especially common point of entry for the enemy is the cracks around windows, so make sure to check these spots first. After you've located all the vulnerabilities in your home, plug them up with silicone so that no baddies can get in.

Soapy Water

Those previous preventive no-chemical home remedies for a pest-free home are great, but what do you do if you spot a rogue ant? Turns out, just spraying some soapy water on it will get the job done easy. Same thing with cockroaches! So if you know your home is under attack, make sure to have a spray bottle of soapy water underhand.


If you're having problems with flies, cockroaches, or moths, cheesecloth packets can be a lifesaver. Just fashion a little pouch with cheesecloth and fill it up with the necessary stuffing. For flies, some dried basil leaves and eucalyptus oil should scare them away from any food. Cockroaches aren't fans of catnip, so it's a perfect way to keep roaches out of a certain area. Finally, moths avoid cedar, so some cedar chips or oil should keep them out.


This remedy is pest-specific! Borax can be used to target cockroaches, since it's toxic to them. But use this weapon with caution and don't place it near pets, children, or food. A good place to put it is on top of drop-down cabinets, where cockroaches can take some and carry it back to their colony. This will take out the whole set of unsightly insects.


If your pets suffer from fleas, no problem! Just cut a lemon into slices and score its skin before placing those pieces into a container. Add some boiling water and let the mixture sit for a night. The next day, rub that mix into your pet's fur to get rid of those fleas.

Now you're ready to beat back a pest attack! Try any of these no-chemical home remedies for a pest-free home.